First steps into 3D modeling

It’s not as I’ve have never touched any 3D modeling software, so I get the basics and could build a chair if I needed to, but not much beyond that. So I decided to do some research on the academics and principles of modeling to get me started in area unknown to me. And although I didn’t find an absolute rule book for modeling, I piece together some guidelines:

  • 3 main modeling techniques
    • Spine Modeling: oldest, most traditional. Based on curves define by control points (not completely sure how it works yet).
    • Box Modeling: most resembles actual sculpting, most common approach.
    • Poly Modeling: starts from scratch, face by face, extruding edges to expand the model.
  • Mesh Topology is extremely important
    • Mesh topology means how are the polygons distributed through out the model, which has a huge impact on how well any model lends its self to animation.
    • This is accomplished by following a circular pattern define by edgeloops, a ring of polygons place in an area where the model may deform while being animated.


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